Monday, August 31, 2009


Ok so...I got my new (to me) Peterson today from Ron at estore4 on ebay. Let's just say this will be a very short post, because I am going to go smoke it! Ron is a total class act, from start to finish. I already described the fantastic customer service and follow up in a previous post. This pipe arrived quickly, was packed up safely and securely with a nice note, some pipe cleaners, a shiny sticker and all!

I wish all ebayers were like this! Keep up the fantastic work Ron!

In other news, I took out my Peterson Meershaum today and was a little shocked! The wax job I did must have done something...there must have been a ton of oils waiting to come out...but it has turned golden...literally overnight! The pictures really don't do it justice( compare to first pipe post) , but this thing is just glowing! It must be enjoying all of the attention it is getting.

Ok off to in starting a cake in the new Killarney:) this will be my first try with a we'll see how that goes.

Until next time!

UPDATE: I've heard there are those that like the Peterson p-lip, and those that don't. I have to ask...what is not to like? My new Peterson is top notch, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable bowl of my Old Dublin...I think I am hooked.

Incidentally, now that I have a Savinelli Churchwarden and this new Peterson, I am realizing that my Pete Meerschaum has a BIG bowl. In order to touch the bottom of either of the briars, only my pinky could fit, but on the Pete, my thumb can wonder it is such a long smoker!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog,excellent.It is also good to see that you have been infected by the PAD varient, Pete PAD.
    Enjoy that stunning 999 meer,not a bad choice for a first pete.
    Kindest regards from Scotland.


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