Monday, August 24, 2009


I have heard this term thrown around on some of the discussion pages and blogs, and wasn't sure what to make of it. Well... let me tell you... I won the auction on this lovely Peterson the other day, I think I really got it for a song!

I had a couple of questions for the seller, who I have to say has a store full of absolutely amazing pipes that are WAY out of my range (Ron from estore4) and he was very quick to respond, and get the pipe in the mail, (he even refunded excess shipping fees). Judging by the calibre and look of his pipes and ebay operation, I asked a couple more questions, and asked for some advice, figuring he might be willing to help me out.

WELL...not only did he respond, he called me personally long distance to offer some help, support, and brotherhood. Ron, let me are awesome! I'll start saving my loonies now so I can eventually buy one of your uberpipes.

But for now, I can say I have found my first Brother of the Briar...

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