Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here's a tip...

If, like me you are a once in a while kind of smoker, and you start smoking a pipe, it may not be advisable to smoke two full bowls in under eight hours.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the bowl of McClelland no. 22 that I had yesterday morning, but my nicotine blood level went from zero to hero and I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty green.

Back to the smoke though, it was fantastic! I did a much better job of packing, and had a fantastic draw. I found the smoke to be wonderfully layered, and got richer to the taste as the bowl burned down. I didn't have to relight much, and at times was utterly transported. Having a quiet hour to smoke on my own is a rare treat, that I will have to try to make a whole lot less rare.

Scent wise, both of the tobaccos that I have tried have been very cigar-esque, but the taste is really wonderful, as after all I love a good cigar.

I have read a lot about terrible goopy aromatic blends, and I will do my best to avoid those. However, I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a good quality aromatic, that doesn't have too much in the way of additives (and by additives I don't mean Rum or Vanilla, but rather anything with chemical names like propo-glyco-sodium-triglutimate.) I know they are out there, and wonder what you recommend.

Today I also received my second ebay pipe in the mail. This one is a Savinelli Churchwarden, a big long slender thing. Rather you can see in the picture. I think I'll go have a little puff...but maybe just half a bowl tonight;)

Until next time...

Oh before I go... I went into Goodfellas yesterday. It seems that the state of pipe smoking culture in Victoria is pretty bad, I am thinking about having a once monthly hike and smoke where pipe smokers can walk together to some secluded spot on this beautiful island and share some of their favourite tobacco with their pipemates. Also, I was thinking as I puffed away, that the internet is great and all, but if there are any experienced pipe smokers in Victoria reading this, I'd love to chat and gain the benefit of your experience in simple things like cleaning and maintaining my pipes. Just let me know you are out there!


  1. Hello, I am in Victoria BC and new to pipe smoking. I am trying to pick up the hobby. If your still looking for friends to have a smoke with you can send me a email johnx93[at]

  2. Hi, I have smoked pipe tobacco for some years now but am always interested in any differing opinions.
    Peterson is my stand by brand but I entertain all ideas as well
    I hope to hear from someone still firing a briar


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